Liberty and Equality in Adam Smith

moral philosophy reading list das adam smith problem equality james otteson ryan hanley samuel fleischacker emma rothschild leonidas montes james murphy douglas den uyl


Session I: Sympathy and Impartial Spectator

·      Otteson, James R. Adam Smith’s Marketplace of Life. New York City: Cambridge University Press, 2002.  Chapter 1, "Adam Smith's Moral Theory, Part One: Sympathy and the Impartial Spectator Procedure".  Page(s): 13-64.

Session II: Adam Smith's Virtues

·      Hanley, Ryan Patrick. Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue. New York City: Cambridge University Press, 2009.  Chapter 1, "The Problem: Commerce and Corruption" and Chapter 2, "The Solution: Moral Philosophy".  Page(s): 15-81.

Session III: Adam Smith's Problem?

·      Montes, Leonidas. Adam Smith in Context: A Critical Reassessment of some Central Components of His Thought. New York City: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.  Chapter 2, "Das Adam Smith Problem: Its Origins and the Debate".  Page(s): 15-56.

Session IV: Politics, Economics, and the Invisible Hand

·      Rothschild, Emma. Economic Sentiments: Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2001.  Chapter 5, "The Bloody and Invisible Hand".  Page(s): 116-156.

Session V: Human Nature, Division of Labor and the Market

·      Fleischacker, Samuel. On Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005.  Chapter Five, "Self-Interest".  Page(s): 84-103.

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Session VI: Liberty and/or Equality

·      Otteson, James R. “Adam Smith and Liberty.” Revista Centro de Estudios Publicos 104 (Spring 2006): 1-34. 

·      Fleischacker, Samuel. “Adam Smith and Equality.” Revista Centro de Estudios Publicos 104 (Spring 2006): 1-23.