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Adam Smith and Stadial Theory

John Burrow for AdamSmithWorks

Not only was this Stadial Theory of civilization helpful for understanding history and the past, it also allowed Smith to make sense of Scotland’s political, economic, and social transformations in the 18th century.

THE Imitative Arts: Some Fun with Adam Smith's Artistic Opinions

Maryann Corbett for AdamSmithWorks

In his essay on the arts, Smith says much that now looks wrong, but his questionable claims might be the most interesting things he has to say.

The Unexpected Joy of Sharing Sadness

Shal Marriott for AdamSmithWorks

There are many lessons to be taken away from The Theory of Moral Sentiments... Yet an unexpected but important takeaway, is that we all should take a little bit more time to be sad.

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The Smith Questionnaire

The Smith Questionnaire

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