Commerce, morality, equality, the rule of law, and the role of government… Welcome to the world of Adam Smith.

What can we learn about our own world from Smith? Join the workers in an 18th century pin factory to find out more…

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Speaking of Smith


Great Antidote Deep Dive: Daniel Klein on Adam Smith's Justice

Juliette Sellgren and Daniel Klein Adam Smith (and guest Daniel Klein) help Great Antidote host Juliette Sellgren think through her obligations to her friends, neighbors, people distant from her, and lawn chairs.

Adam Smith and Owning It with The Mystery of the Invisible Hand

Lauren Heller for AdamSmithWorks How can teachers introduce their students to Adam Smith's insights with less eye rolling and more engaged learning? Lauren Heller suggests using a little mystery, The Mystery of the Invisible Hand by Marshall Jevons, that is.


#WealthofTweets: Book V

Of the Revenue of the Sovereign of Commonwealth


A Brief Biography of Adam Smith

by James R. Otteson for AdamSmithWorks


About Our Reading Guides

The AdamSmithWorks reading guides use three types of questions and highlighting to help guide readers.

An Animal That Trades Video Series

A five-part short video series on the life and contemporary relevance of Adam Smith with complementary questions for discussion.


Essays on Philosophical Subjects

Reflecting Adam Smith’s wide learning and varied interests, these essays shed considerable light on his place in the Scottish Enlightenment. Included are histories of astronomy, ancient logic, and ancient physics; essays on the “imitative” arts and the affinity between music, dancing, and poetry; and a critical review of Samuel Johnson’s famous Dictionary, which Smith originally published in the Edinburgh Review (1755–1756).

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The ASW Scholars’ Portal is an online work-and-gathering space for Smith scholars. Its features include:

  • ability to upload working papers for comment, and to comment on others' papers
  • online open-discussion forum
  • ability to create and contribute to collaborative documents such as reading lists, annotated bibliographies, and a "Smithopaedia"
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