Commerce, morality, equality, the rule of law, and the role of government… Welcome to the world of Adam Smith.

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Speaking of Smith


Adam Smith: Self-Interest and the Partiality of the Moral Sentiments

Edward J. Harpham for AdamSmithWorksFebruary 24, 2021



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An Opportunity for Reading and Thinking Together We are pleased to offer Virtual Reading Groups on a variety of topics related to Smith, designed to gather interested individuals interested in serious and civil discussion. Click here for more information.


Adam Smith and the Paradox of Tragedy

Elias Khalil for AdamSmithWorksFebruary 10, 2020


What Would Adam Smith Say?

About greed? About morality? Help students apply Adam Smith's ideas to contemporary issues. This lesson plan transfers well to online teaching.


Lectures on Jurisprudence

Smith’s Lectures on Jurisprudence, originally delivered at the University of Glasgow in 1762–1763, presents his “theory of the rules by which civil government ought to be directed.” The chief purpose of government, according to Smith, is to preserve justice; and “the object of justice is security from injury.” The state must protect the individual’s right to his person, property, reputation, and social relations.

Scholars’ Portal

Smith, Hume, Liberalism, and Esotericism

Papers for a special issue of Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.This collection includes fourteen papers (eleven focused on Smith, three on Hume) proposed for this special issue.Feedback on the papers was provided at a conference (November 2018) on early drafts by, among others, Dennis Rasmussen, Brandon Turner, Nelson Lund, Richard Boyd, Peter McNamara, Jerry Weinberger, and Arthur Melzer.Feedback welcome: Esoteric interpretation is an affair inherently uncertain and hazardous. Feedback will be much appreciated. Email addresses for each author are provided.