Commerce, morality, equality, the rule of law, and the role of government… Welcome to the world of Adam Smith.

What can we learn about our own world from Smith? Join the workers in an 18th century pin factory to find out more…

Interactive Pin Factory


Nothing Useless, Absurd, or Fantastical: Adam Smith on Women's Education

Sarah Skwire for AdamSmithWorks

A Modern Lawyer and Smith’s Lectures on Jurisprudence, Part 2

A Modern Lawyer and Smith’s Lectures on Jurisprudence, Part 2Ensuring justice in a complex world is a daunting task. But it is the fundamental duty and the true raison d’etre of every sovereign, every elected body, and every legitimate political regime of whatever character or constitution.


Adam Smith on the Labor Theory of Value

Steven Horwitz for AdamSmithWorks


Why Teach "The Theory of Moral Sentiments?"

"Smith’s system can help adolescents build a moral narrative for their developing social lives."


An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

First published in 1776, the year in which the American Revolution officially began, Smith’s Wealth of Nations sparked a revolution of its own. In it Smith analyzes the major elements of political economy, from market pricing and the division of labor to monetary, tax, trade, and other government policies that affect economic behavior. Throughout he offers seminal arguments for free trade, free markets, and limited government.

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