How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life (February 2022)

theory of moral sentiments reading group russ roberts

February, 2022

with Christy Horpedahl
Pre-registration is required. Participants will need to acquire a copy of Russ Roberts's How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life. Participants who successfully complete ALL sessions will be eligible to receive an Amazon e-gift certificate.

The sessions and readings are as follows:

Session One: Monday, February 7, noon - 1pm EST
Chapters 1-4 (76 pages)

Session Two: Thursday, February 10, noon - 1pm EST
Chapters 5 & 6 (67 pages)

Session Three: Monday, February 14, noon - 1pm EST
Chapters 7 & 8 (55 pages)

Session Four: Thursday, February 17, noon - 1pm EST
Chapters 9 & 10 (35 pages)