Wonder, Surprise, and Admiration: Reading Smith's Essays on Philosophical Subjects (April 2022)

history of astronomy imitative arts

April, 2022

with Sarah Skwire
Adam Smith''s Essays on Philosophical Subjects are unjustly neglected. Their considerations of questions of human creativity are rich and complicated. Smith draws a picture of us as driven by "wonder, surprise, and admiration" as we explore and respond to the world around us. Bring those qualities with you into this VRG and see what you discover.

Pre-registration is required. Smith's Essays are available online via Google books or for purchase at Liberty Fund. Participants who successfully complete ALL sessions will be eligible to receive an Amazon e-gift certificate.

The sessions and readings are as follows:

Session One: Wednesday, April 13, 4-5pm EST
History of Astronomy, Sections 1-3

Session Two: Wednesday, April 20, 4-5pm EST
History of Astronomy, Section 4

Session Three: Wednesday, April 27, 4-5pm EST
On the Imitative Arts