Brennan Beausir

Business Development Intern at Indiana Sports Corp | Wabash 2025

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated student with a strong background in sports as a former student-athlete. My experiences on the court not only instilled in me a deep passion for sports but also cultivated valuable skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. These qualities, honed through my athletic journey, will help me thrive and adapt to new opportunities.

As a junior at Wabash College, I have consistently achieved academic success while actively developing an adaptable skillset through diverse experiences. I have been involved in serving customers in my family's wedding design business since I was a young middle schooler. Additionally, I established a summer lawn service and gained insight into the day-to-day culture while working in a thriving local health club.

My experiences also extend to roles in research and audience engagement at a nationally known think tank and library. Furthermore, I have created one-on-one interactions with dogs from a local shelter, aiming to positively impact the mental health of students in my most recent on-campus position as a peer-health educator.