Lauren Hall

Rochester Institute of Technology

Lauren Hall is professor, chair of political science, and associate dean of academic affairs in the College of Liberal Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Hall earned her B.A. in Philosophy from Binghamton University and her Ph.D. in Political Theory, and Politics and life Sciences from Northern Illinois University. Hall's research interests are 18th century classical liberal political theory, including Edmund Burke and Adam Smith; political theory of the family; health care policy, particularly focusing on maternity and end-of-life care and regressive effects of healthcare regulation. Hall is the author of The Medicalization of Birth and Death (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019) and Family and the Politics of Moderation (Baylor University Press, 2014) and the co-editor of Lucid Mind, Intrepid Spirit: Essays on the Thought of Chantal Delsol, a volume on the political philosophy of French political thinker Chantal Delsol. Hall has also written several chapters in books and edited volumes, such as her chapter "Nature, Second Nature, and Supernature: Death and Consolation in the Thought of Edmund Burke" for the book, Political Theory of Death and Dying, and "Burke’s Liberalism: Prejudice, Habit, and Affections and the Remaking of the Social Contract" for, Reclaiming Liberalism. Hall's research has also appeared in the peer-reviewed journals of Society, and the Journal of Palliative Care. Hall's paper, "Guiding the Invisible Hand: Spontaneous Orders and the Problem of Character", was published in the interdisciplinary journal Cosmos+Taxis, where Hall serves on the editorial board.