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The Division of Labor: Early Examples in China and India

… How does the story of the spindle wheel fit with what Adam Smith says about the rise of the division of labor? Amy Willis, drawing from Virginia Postrel's new book The Fabric of Civilization, zeroes in on the central role of decentralized innovation. … of the division of labor? Related Links: Brianne Wolf, Why Does the Division of Labor Matter? Virginia Postrel on Textiles and The Fabric of Civilization, EconTalk, November 2020 Ask Me Anything: An Interview with Virginia Postrel, EconLog, April 2021

Could Too Much Division of Labor Be Bad?

… to invest more in household capital than men, who invest more in market human capital. So long as control over financial resources remained in the hands of men, this increased domestic specialization rendered women arguably more dependent on marriage. … to hear your thoughts. Want to read more? Steve Horwitz on Hayek's Modern Family at Law & Liberty Adam Smith Work's Introduction to the Division of Labor Janet Bufton and Sarah Skwire's Reading Room "Read With Me" on Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own

Part 3: Division of Labor

Smith's discussions of the division of labor, while they might seem like common sense today, were radical in his time. Find out more, and consider its enduring relevance today. … .” To what extent are these changes net positive? Explain. 6. What does Smith mean when he says, “The market alone may not ensure positive outcomes for all?” What else should the government do to ensure that the its citizens’ quality of life rises?

Division of Labor and the Wealth of Nations

Explore Adam Smith's pin factory, build mini sheds, and read Wealth of Nations to gain a better understanding of the division of labor. Adjustments to this lesson plan to make it appropriate for online teaching are included. … entry on Division of Labor. You may also want to discuss the linked EconTalk podcast with your students.  How does this modern discussion add to what you've learned over the past few days?  Do you think Adam Smith's insight remains relevant today? 

How to Make Everything Harder? Ignore the Benefits of Division of Labor

Terra Aquia for Adam Smith Works George explores the development process for a variety of products, and highlights just how challenging (or impossible!) it is for one person to make the things they want or need on their own. … looking for new ideas to share. Want to read more? Adam Smith Works reading guide and wealth of tweets on the Smithian perspective of the power of the division of labor EconLib Guide to the Division and Labor and Specialization More from Terra Aquia

Division of Labor and the Future of Work

The aim of this game is to "build" a production chain with sounds and actions. Each student provides a single step in the production chain. This lesson plan includes material appropriate for online teaching. … of labor? What questions are you left with? What did you find about your shirt or phone? What surprised you? About how many people participated in the production of it? How long do you think it would take you to produce something entirely by yourself? 

Adam Smith and the Knowledge Problem

Jon Murphy for AdamSmithWorks ...the division of labor means a division of knowledge. … mind.” Related Links Michael Munger, Division of Labor Part 3: The System of Exchange An Animal That Trades video series, Part 3: Division of Labor Jack Weinstein, Adam Smith on Education: Schooling Jon Murphy, Adam Smith and the Presumption of Liberty

Adam Smith and the Costs of the Division of Labor

Alex Aragona for AdamSmithWorks July 3, 2020 One shouldn’t be satisfied with any discussion of the division of labor that leaves consideration of the costs off the table. … economy while asking how modern lives are affected by the nature of work, and at what cost. [1] Steen, Sandra, Raymond Noe, John Hollenbeck, Barry Gerhart, and Patrick Wright. Human Resource Management. 2nd ed. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2009.

Live a Happier Life with the Concept of the Division of Labor

Rachel Ferguson for AdamSmithWorks September 24, 2020 … . That’s how “the division of labor occasions, in every art, a proportionable increase of the productive powers of labor.” Isn’t that cool? Related Links: Charlotte Thomas, Adam Smith and Aristotle An Animal That Trades vide series, Division of Labor

#WealthofTweets, Book 1.1

Of the Division of Labor Sarah Skwire and Janet Bufton for @AdamSmithWorks  4 Jan • 12 tweets • adamsmithworks/status/1346097483420749828 Here we go! Tweeting our way through #WealthOfNations! It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so be sure to stretch, stay hydrated, and keep a steady …

#WealthofTweets: Book 1.2

Of the Principle which gives Occasion to the Division of Labor … the basis for cooperation. (I.ii.1–5) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets Tomorrow, one of @Econtalker 's favorite sections of #WealthOfNations. Stay tuned, Smithketeers! We'll see you then! See Also: The AdamSmithWorks Reading Guide for this chapter.

#WealthofTweets: Book 1.3

That the Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the Market … of labor increases and democratizes wealth, health, and quality of life. In a modern world, atomistic people aren't an option. (I.iii.1–8) #WeAreAllConnected #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets See Also: The AdamSmithWorks Reading Guide for this chapter.

Division of Labor, Part 1

by Michael Munger for AdamSmithWorks August 7, 2019 … Management. Routledge.   Trever, A.A. 1924. “The Age of Hesiod: A Study in Economic History.” Classical Philology. 19(2): 157-168.   Xenophon.   1979. Cyropaedia. Translated by Walter Miller. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1979.   vol II.  

Adam Smith's Potato Chips

… factory from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations to a modern potato chip factory described in a podcast. Explore with high school or introductory university students the way that the division of labor and changing market size have changed production over time. … be able to buy ingredients in bulk.  The Frito-Lay factory is not well-suited for the reasons discussed in class, which the students should reference. Beloit is not large enough to support the extent of the division of labor that the factory represents. 

Division of Labor, Part 2: A Beautiful Machine

by Michael Munger for AdamSmithWorks August 14, 2019 … -on-the-theory-of-moral-sentiments-episode-1-an-overview/ Matson, Erik W., Colin Doran, and Daniel B. Klein (2019): “Hume and Smith on utility, agreeableness, propriety, and moral approval,” History of European Ideas, DOI: 10.1080/01916599.2019.1589238 

Division of Labor, Part 3: The System of Exchange

August 21, 2019 … /articles/comparative-advantage-an-idea-whose-time-has-passed/ Smith, Adam. 1982.  The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund. Smith, Adam. 1991. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Indianpolis: Liberty Fund.  

Book I, Chapter 1

Chapter I: Of the Division of Labor … ’s Treasure by Forraign Trade, chap. iii., at end; Locke, Civil Government, § 43; Mandeville, Fable of the Bees, pt. i., Remark P, 2nd ed. 1723, p. 182, and perhaps Harris, Essay upon Money and Coins, pt. i., § 12. See Lectures, pp. 161-162 and notes.]

Book I, Chapter II

Chapter II: Of the Principle which gives Occasion to the Division of Labor … in their mental powers and faculties, ere cultivated by education’.—’Of the Original Contract,’ in Essays, Moral and Political, 1748, p. 291.] 47. [‘Perhaps’ is omitted in eds. 2 and 3, and restored in the errata to ed. 4.) 48. [Lectures, pp. 170-171.]

Book I, Chapter III

Chapter III: That the Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the Market … rivers are in the Arctic Sea, so that they are separated. One of the objects of the Siberian railway is to connect them.] 58. [Ed. 1 reads ‘any one’ here.] 59. [The passage corresponding to this chapter is comprised in one paragraph in Lectures, p. 172.]

Reading the Wealth of Nations: Book I

Matt Bufton for AdamSmithWorks None of us can know what Smith would have thought of UBI, government regulations, or trade with China, but it sure is fun to speculate. … , or trade with China, but it sure is fun to speculate. Related Links Thomas Koenig, Adam Smith, Francis Fukuyama, and the Indignity of UBI Alex Aragona, Adam Smith on the Interests of Labor and Business Leonidas Montes, Adam Smith as Moral Philosopher