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Adam Smith Comics: Not Only Loved But Lovely

Sally Madden for AdamSmithWorks "Man naturally desires, not only to be loved, but to be lovely..." Sally Madden illustrates this beloved Smith quotation with humor and fun. Watch out for everyone - worms too! … Sentiments Begins" and "Not From Benevolence" Paul Crider on Smith on animals and the environment, "Adam Smith in the Anthropocene." Joy Buchanan's Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero as a Smithian Anthem Janet Bufton's "Why Teach "The Theory of Moral Sentiments?"

Beyond Being Lovely

Shal Marriott for AdamSmithWorks "What does it mean to be lovely though? The word only appears once in the entirety of The Theory of Moral Sentiments." Marriott looks for understanding beyond. … podcast Graham McAleer's Art's Important Moral Work More by Shal Marriott: Nobody's Perfect, Not Even Adam Smith, The Unexpected Joy in Sharing Sadness, Adam Smith Visits Downton Abbey, How Professor Smith Helped Me Survive my Undergraduate Degree

Smith and Individualism

William Glod for AdamSmithWorks Individualism is about personal freedom but more than that – it’s about taking each other’s humanity, including our own agency, seriously. When we desire to be loved by other persons, we thereby presume all others are valid … … 's Why Adam Smith Belongs in "The Good Place" | Adam Smith Works William Glod's Why It's OK to Make Bad Choices ( James Otteson's Adam Smith's Marketplace of Life For Teachers: Why Teach "The Theory of Moral Sentiments?" | Adam Smith Works

Taylor Swift & The World’s Most Expensive Cinnamon Rolls

Art Carden for AdamSmithWorks Would you bake your new love a $35,000 cinnamon bun? … celebrities too much!) Want to read more? Joy Buchanan's Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero as a Smithian Anthem Renee Wilmeth's What Adam Smith Ate: Hogmanay and The Black Bun Cynthia Argentine and Julianna Argentine's Adam Smith Knew Why We’d Love Jane Austen

TMS Reading Guide: Part III

Of the Foundation of our Judgments concerning our own Sentiments and Conduct, and of the Sense of Duty … act according to duty, or should they strive for more? Explain. After reading Part III, do you think Adam Smith was a good person or a bad one? What evidence can you bring to support your position? How do you think Smith would judge himself as a person?

Chapter II

Of the love of Praise, and of that of Praise-worthiness; and of the dread of blame, and of that of Blame-worthiness … . Can we wonder that so strange an application of this most respectable doctrine should sometimes have exposed it to contempt and derision; with those at least who had themselves, perhaps, no great taste or turn for the devout and contemplative virtues?

Sympathy for Affliction: Adam Smith and Charles Dickens

Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorks July 5, 2023 "For Smith, the moral imagination enables us not only to know what others are experiencing but to become 'in some measure the same person.' So highly developed is this capacity that theatergoers who are in … … more on the education of the moral imagination than mere economic considerations. Earning, spending, giving away, and receiving all play important roles in enabling generosity, but its inspiration must come from the narratives of those we aim to help.

Adam Smith's Lost Loves

Enrique Guerra-Pujol for AdamSmithWorks Did Adam Smith know what it was like to be in love? Here's a law professor's primer on the evidence. … of facts in civil cases) that Adam Smith knew what it was like to feel passion, and to fall in love. Related Links: What Adam Smith Ate: Toulouse Cassoulet What Adam Smith Ate: Toulouse Sausage and Lentils James R. Otteson, A Brief Biography of Adam Smith

Taylor Swift's Anti-Hero as a Smithian Anthem

Joy Buchanan for AdamSmithWorks Adam Smith says people want to be loved and be lovely. Swift (and all of us) want to be accepted and to be genuinely praise-worthy in her actions and intentions.

Dear Adam Smith: The Distracted Professor

Dr. Distracted gets lost in thought, and wants to present himself better. Can Adam Smith help?

Father's Day Advice from Adam Smith

Shannon Chamberlain for AdamSmithWorks "[C]ultivating indifference to ourselves and those closest to us causes us not only to fail in our domestic roles in a way that displeases the spectator, but also to lose the ability to feel for the more distant …

Would Adam Smith Tell Taylor Swift to Attend the Super Bowl?

Joy Buchanan for AdamSmithWorks Would Adam Smith advise Taylor Swift to rush back to America after an exhausting concert just to cheer on a man in a football game? Joy Buchanan cheers for Smithian sentiments. … : Adam Smith and the Global Second-Hand Clothing Trade Art Carden’s Taylor Swift & The World’s Most Expensive Cinnamon Rolls Sally Madden’s AdamSmithWorks comics Not From Benevolence and Not Only Loved But Lovely Jon Murphy’s Why do we Admire Celebrities?

How Professor Smith Helped Me Survive my Undergraduate Degree

Shal Marriott for AdamSmithWorks Does Adam Smith have any advice for contemporary college students? What might he say to the modern college student just starting out and who feels like they have no clue what they are doing? Why would these dusty old texts … … lost it.” Want to Read More? Other AdamSmithWorks pieces by Shal Marriott Carl Oberg's The 18th Century and Social Networking | Adam Smith Works Jack Russel Weinstein's Adam Smith on Education: Schooling | Adam Smith Works Dear Adam Smith: Roommate Woes

Smithian Patriotism: A Tale of Two Professor Smiths

Kenly Stewart for AdamSmithWorks There is much for the modern day Smithian to consider in Professor Steven B. Smith's new book, Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremes.

On the objective-functions of firms and consumers

Thelmo Vargas-Madrigal for AdamSmithWorks What should people in business maximize? Thelmo Vargas-Madrigal gives a brief tour of famous thinkers who have tried to answer that question and picks his winners and losers.

Why Teach "The Theory of Moral Sentiments?"

"Smith’s system can help adolescents build a moral narrative for their developing social lives." … words they haven’t come across before. Each student and each classroom will encounter different challenges and be intrigued by different aspects of the text. The purpose of this guide is to help facilitate the best environment to explore it together.

Intellectual Pride and the Limits of Theory

Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorks "We are responsible for what we think... And we arrive at our notions about what is true and false not simply by diagramming ideas on a whiteboard, but by seeing them expressed in the lives of others and experiencing … … is ultimately a better guide to reality than the intellectual Ivan, who strives so resolutely for the universal that he has great difficult perceiving it in the particular. It is here, in the love of each person he is with, that Alyosha truly shines.

Chapter VI

In what cases the Sense of Duty ought to be the sole Principle of our Conduct; and in what cases it ought to concur with other Motives … that respect and esteem which would seem due to one who, upon a like occasion, had acted properly from a just sense of what was proper to be done. No action can properly be called virtuous, which is not accompanied with the sentiment of self-approbation.

The Physics and Metaphysics of Liberty: Adam Smith and William Blake

Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorks "Smith’s moral, political, and economic cases for liberty are compelling, stated as they are in purely practical terms, yet they leave some stones unturned. Enter William Blake, who asks, what if liberty is not only … … be free, and any attempt to fetter us represents an offense against the divinely ordered reality. Should liberty’s defenders find themselves languishing for want of inspiration, they would be well-advised to supplement their reading of Smith with Blake.

Adam Smith Goes to the Movies: The Avengers

by Sarah E. Skwire and Aeon J. Skoble for AdamSmithWorks If Adam Smith were alive today, he’d be just as excited as the rest of us about the release of Avengers: Endgame April 24, 2019 … , to raise, to ravish ev’ry heart, With Shakespeare’s nature, or with Jonson’s art, Let others aim; ’t is yours to shake the soul With thunder rumbling from the mustard bowl... [4] "Of the Imitative Arts also appears in Essays on Philosophical Subjects.