The Scottish Enlightenment and Educating for Liberty

scottish enlightenment jurisprudence reading list education george turnbull david fordyce lord kames liberal education


Session I: Adam Smith: Commerce, Corruption, and Education

·      Smith, Adam. Lectures on Jurisprudence. Edited by R. L. Meek, D. D. Raphael, and P. G. Stein. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 1982.  Page(s): 538-541.

·      Smith, Adam. The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Edited by D. D. Raphael and A. L. Macfie. Indianapolis: Liberty Classics; Liberty Fund (Glasgow Edition), 1982.  I.iii. 2-3 and IV.1.  Page(s): 50-66 and 179-187.

·      Smith, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Volume II. Edited by R. H. Campbell and A. S. Skinner. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 1982.  V.i.f.  Page(s): 758-788.

Session II: George Turnbull: Virtue and the “Well Formed Society”

·      Turnbull, George. The Principles of Moral and Christian Philosophy, Volume I. Edited by Alexander Broadie. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2005.  Part I, Chapters 3, 5, and 6; and Part II, Chapter 2.  Page(s): 119-141, 174-229, and 313-366.

Session III: George Turnbull: Education and the Art of Living

·      Turnbull, George. Observations upon Liberal Education. Edited by Terrence Moore. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 2003.  Part III, “An Essay on Liberal Education," Chapters 1-2.  Page(s): 171-239.

Session IV: David Fordyce: Virtue and Duty

·      Fordyce, David. The Elements of Moral Philosophy. Edited by Thomas D. Kennedy. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2003.  1.1, 2.1-2, 2.3.5-7, and 3.1-2.  Page(s): 7-14, 53-79, 90-107, and 119-146.

Session V: David Fordyce: Liberal Education and Social Duties

·      Fordyce, David. Dialogues Concerning Education. Printed in: London, 1745.  Selections from Chapters 8 and 10.  Page(s): 174-234 and 269-275.

Session VI: Henry Home, Lord Kames: Commerce, Corruption, and Education

·      Henry Home, Lord Kames. Sketches of the History of Man. Edited by James A. Harris. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2007.  1.7.  Page(s): 313-333.

·      Henry Home, Lord Kames. Loose Hints Upon Education: Chiefly Concerning the Culture of the Heart. Edinburgh: Bell, Robinson & Murray, 1782.  Sections 4-5.  Page(s): 85-132.