Dylan DelliSanti

Northern Virginia Community College and Georgetown University

Dr. DelliSanti is an Adjunct Professor at Northern Virginia Community College and an Instructor at Georgetown University's Prison Scholars Program. Dr. DelliSanti received his B.S. in Mathematical Economics from Hampden-Sydney College, and both Masters Degree in Economics and his Ph.D. in Economics both from George Mason University where he also was a Ph.D. Fellow for the Mercatus Center and Adam Smith Fellow. Dr. DelliSanti specializes in areas of research such as philosophy and economics, public choice theory, and entangled political economy. Dr. DelliSanti has published academic papers in the Journal of Institutional Economics, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. Dr. DelliSanti has also worked as a Smith Scholar at Liberty Fund, has been published as a part of Adam Smith Review Volume 13, and has taught courses in Austrian Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Economic Problems and Public Policies.