Marcus Shera

The Catholic University of America

Marcus Shera is a PhD student at George Mason University in the Economics department and a Hayek Fellow with Mercatus Academic and Student Programs. In the program, he meets with other students and faculty to discuss new articles in economics as well as classic texts in the Austrian tradition and the Virginia School of Public Choice.

He is currently taking classes and teaching while preparing to approach his dissertation phase. He is also a fellow with the Adam Smith Program at GMU, where he works with Dr. Dan Klein, Dr. Erik Matson, and other students all diving headfirst into the wonderful world of Adam Smith. He has published on the Armenian Genocide and on classical liberal senses of justice in Adam Smith. Currently, his research focuses on the institutional economics of monastic organizations in the Christian Church since the 4th century. Since beginning undergraduate studies at GMU, he has also written and released conversational videos on