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‘Humiliations Galore’: Adam Smith meets Miracle Max

Jordan J. Ballor for AdamSmithWorks A pivotal scene from The Princess Bride illustrates a key Smithian insight. … on What would Adam Smith think about "vocations"? Elizabeth M. Hull's Adam Smith and Silas Marner: Heaps of Gold Adam Smith Comics: The Butcher, The Baker, and the Brewer by Paula Richey and Jeremy Lott AdamSmithWorks "An Animal That Trades" Video Series

Smith’s Man of System in Romeo and Juliet

James E. Hartley for AdamSmithWorks Treating people like plants (or chessmen) doesn't work out and the results can be tragic. … Curtis and Jeremy Lott's Adam Smith Comics: Man of System Sarah Skwire's What Would Adam Smith Think of My Weekend? and Adam Smith’s Slips and the End of Othello Jeff Carroll's Mr. Potter: Man of System Lauren Hall's Self …

Economists Often Solve Puzzles - But What About Murders?

Protagonists of detective fiction are drawn from a long list of occupations: police, of course, but also private investigators, aristocrats, housewives, philosophers, priests, precocious children. Economists, however, have not been well represented among …