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Brian Hooks on Believe in People

koch foundation polarization drug rehabilitation

Brian Hooks with Juliette Sellgren

June 2, 2023
Brian Hooks is the CEO and chairman of Stand Together, the president of the Charles Koch Foundation, and the co-author of Believe in People: Bottom-up Solutions for a Top-Down World. Today, we talk about the principles that guide Stand Together and the work that Stand Together does.

He talks to us about how and why Stand Together is different from other philanthropic organizations, giving us the success story of one of their partners, The Phoenix, a drug rehabilitation organization.

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What Adam Smith Ate (& Drank!): Claret, Part 2

Renee Wilmeth for AdamSmithWorks

Adam Smith knew first-hand about the Bordeaux wine growing region and he factored his knowledge of wine and agriculture into An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. 

What Adam Smith Ate (& Drank!): Claret

Renee Wilmeth for AdamSmithWorks

"Smith’s use of wine to demonstrate everything from supply and demand, costs of goods, duties, and tariffs arguably made him the first wine economist tracking values, appreciation, and retail prices."
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