Ryan Hanley on the Morality of Markets

moral philosophy jean-jacques rousseau economics man of public virtue

Ryan Hanley with Juliette Sellgren

February 10, 2023
Ryan Hanley is a professor of political science at Boston College and the author of several books, including Our Great Purpose: Adam Smith on Living a Better Life.

Today, he talks to us about the foundations of Adam Smith’s theory of virtue and proceeds to lay this theory out for us. We talk about how Smith’s philosophy and economics intersect, and how Smith comes to make a case for markets being moral, instead of amoral as many economists claim. We also talk about the influences and openness of Adam Smith, particularly Jean Jacques Rousseau. Who would’ve thought?!?

And don't miss Alice Temnick's Great Antidote EXTRA on this episode, where you'll find even more to explore!

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