Great Antidote: Philip Klein on Fight Club Conservatives vs. Disney

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Philip Klein and Juliette Sellgren

Why did Florida governor Ron DeSantis' want to punish Disney and what are the chances he'll succeed further?  Guest Philip Klein and host Juliette Sellgren also speculate about what this incident shows about "Fight Club Conservatives" and threats to freedom of speech by government officials. 
In this episode of The Great Antidote, guest Philip Klein and host Juliette Sellgren discuss Florida governor Ron DeSantis' push to revoke Disney's special district status and legislative carve-outs as well as larger divisions in the conservative movement. They also talk about whether and how these actions by government officials like the governor represent a threat to free speech more broadly.

Philip Klein is the author of two books and editor of National Review Online

The discussion also touches on why young people should care about the national debt and what they can do about it and Klein's changing perspectives on the criminalization of abortion. 

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The guest: Philip Klein

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