The Great Antidote with James Otteson on What Adam Smith Knew: Deep Dive

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Juliette Sellgren and James Otteson

"Das Adam Smith problem," Smith's influences, his friendship and disagreements with David Hume, his dying wish for the destructions of his unfinished works, and his "labor theory of value" all get discussed in this episode of The Great Antidote. Host Juliette Sellgren invites Dr. James R. Otteson to draw on his research on Smith to answer her questions. 
In this episode of The Great Antidote, guest Dr. James R. Otteson and host Juliette Sellgren discuss what Adam Smith knew and what we can still learn from him. Otteson is a business ethics professor at Notre Dame University and the author of many books about Adam Smith.  You'll also find out, as always, the one thing Otteson thinks young people today should know and something he's changed his mind about. 

The guest: James R. Otteson

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