Brianne Wolf

James Madison College at Michigan State University

Dr. Brianne Wolf is an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University and Political Economy Director at the Ashbrook Center specializing in the areas of political economy and the history of political thought. Dr. Wolf received her B.A. in Political Theory from Michigan State University, M.A. in Political Theory from the University of Chicago while working as a Graduate Research Assistant, and Ph.D. in Political Theory from the University of Wisconsin-Madison while working as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant. Dr. Wolf also worked as a Visiting Lecturer at Marquette University and Assistant Professor in Political Science and Director of the Political Economy Program at Ashland University, Adam Smith Fellow at the Mercatus Center, and Scholar in Residence at Liberty Fund. Dr. Wolf has contributed several published papers in journals such as Polity, Review of Politics, and History of Political Thought, along with published reviews of books such as Markets Clearly Make us Moral, Yet Doubts Persist. Reviews of Do Markets Corrupt our Morals forthcoming in the Review of Austrian Economics, and Affective Liberalism: The Necessity of Rights, Markets, and Emotions. Review of Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke's Political Economy, published in 2021 in the journal Political Science Reviewer. Dr. Wolf has several works in progress, including a book: Beyond Rights and Price: Liberalism with Taste.