ASW Paper Preview for Brianne Wolf's Adam Smith's Cosmopolitan Liberalism: Taste, Political Economy and Objectification.

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Brianne Wolf and Christy Lynn

Brianne Wolf talks about her recently published paper, "Adam Smith’s Cosmopolitan Liberalism: Taste, Political Economy, and Objectification," her history with Smith's ideas, upcoming projects, and what other academic journal articles should be in our queue. 
Brianne Wolf offered to be our first guest in a new AdamSmithWorks series that will preview modern, academic work related to the life, times, and ideas of Adam Smith. Wolf is an Assistant Professor of Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Director of the Political Economy minor at Michigan State University’s James Madison College. Her research and teaching reflect on questions about the interaction between economics and politics, liberalism, and moral judgment and relate to her central concern as a scholar: understanding the proper relationship between the individual and society. She is broadly interested in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, especially the work of the Scottish and French Enlightenment thinkers.

The paper we focused on is "Adam Smith’s Cosmopolitan Liberalism: Taste, Political Economy, and Objectification"

You can watch the full 14-minute interview here or the 3-minute teaser here

Here are some of the items mentioned in the conversation:
Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments, Book 5
Alexandra Oprea's "Adam Smith on Political Judgment: Revisiting the Political Theory of the Wealth of Nations"
Edward Frame and Michelle Schwarze's Adam Smith on Education as a Means to Political Judgment

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