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Adam Smith on Resentment

Jonathan Jacobs for AdamSmithWorks May 15, 2019 … does worsen or harm . It is difficult to see how that harming can be justified. That is not a reason to abolish incarceration. It is a reason to reform it.  [xv] Smith, TMS, II.ii.2.3, 84. [xvi] Ibid., II, ii. 2.4, p. 85. [xvii] Ibid., II.ii.2.1, p. 82.

What Would Adam Smith Say About Love on Valentine's Day?

Janet Bufton for AdamSmithWorks Remember, lovebirds: You don’t have to think that Adam Smith was cynical about your doe-eyes and snuggles. … year remember, lovebirds: You don’t have to think that Adam Smith was cynical about your doe-eyes and snuggles. But he probably did think you should get a room. Related Links: Professor Spyridon Tegos, Is Love Ridiculous? David Hume on Love and Marriage

Adam Smith Suggests You Read a Romance Novel (And Have a Laugh At Yourself)

Shannon Chamberlain for AdamSmithWorks Smith answers in advance a certain criticism that people often start leveling at him around Valentine’s Day: that he thinks love is “ridiculous.” Nope. No more than he finds studies or professions ridiculous. It’s … … Would Adam Smith Say About Love on Valentine's Day? | Adam Smith Works Renee Wilmeth's Adam Smith and Jane Austen | Adam Smith Works The Counterpoint: Adam Smith on the ridiculousness of romantic love (1759) | Online Library of Liberty (

Happiness in Times of Crisis

Garret Edwards for AdamSmithWorks By François Topino-Lebrun - Public Domain "In highlighting the anecdote of Pyrrhus and Cineas, Smith moves away from an answer to the happiness question that is merely economic or material." … our lives. Like Epicurus of Samos, one of the first proponents of practical philosophy—what we could call a philosophy geared toward our leading better lives—Smith wanted to bequeath us advice so that all his readers could live better lives and be happy.

Smith Lessons: What I've Learned from Adam and Vernon

Russ Roberts for AdamSmithWorks November 12, 2020 … is found. As economists, maybe we ought to be thinking more about how we earn respect from those around us and what is considered respectable, and less time on the demand for potatoes or iPhones. Originally published at EconTalk, November 21, 2014.

Jane Eyre's Equality of Spirit

Ceanna Daniels for AdamSmithWorks When Jane Eyre claims to be Mr. Rochester's equal, she has no social status, no financial security, and no political power. But she has certainty that her spirit, as it will stand before God, is equal to anyone else's … … incredible odds to seize the happy ending that every authority figure in her childhood would have denied her: recovery and closure from trauma, a loving marriage rooted in mutual respect rather than financial maneuvering, and a child of her own.

People - Not Pieces in a Politician's Plan

Shal Marriott for AdamSmithWorks Smith does not only think it’s necessary to accept individuals as imperfect, but he also warns against the desire to try to perfect humankind. A view of people as chess pieces on a board, acting by rules which are known …

Alice Temnick on Adam Smith as an Educator

May 3, 2024 What might it have been like to be a student of Adam Smith, and if he hadn't quit teaching, would we have ever gotten The Wealth of Nations? Host Juliette Sellgren explores these questions and more with master teacher Alice Temnick. … to The Great Antidote Podcast; it means a lot. The Great Antidote is sound engineered by Rich Goyette. If you have any questions, any guests or topic recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me at Great Thank you.

Alice Temnick on Teaching, Learning, and Adam Smith's Education

February 16, 2024 … to the Great Antidote Podcast. It means a lot. The Great Antidote is sound engineered by Rich Goyette. If you have any questions, any guests or topic recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me at great Thank you.

Doing Good through Honest Commerce: Adam Smith and Joseph Butler

Erik Matson for AdamSmithWorks November 18, 2021 Honest commerce serves our own interests. But how does it relate to the duties of beneficence or serving the good of others?

On Why Mutual Sympathy is Important to Adam Smith

Edward J. Harpham for AdamSmithWorks May 11, 2022 Nothing disturbs us more than to observe a lack of sympathy. The pleasures of mutual sympathy thus bring individuals together. … former. Smith writes, “Beneficence, therefore, is less essential to the existence of society than justice. Society may subsist, though not in the most comfortable state, without beneficence; but the prevalence of injustice must utterly destroy it. (86)↩

Self-Interest Implies Self-Governance but Does Not Guarantee It

Michael Munger for AdamSmithWorks [S]ociety cannot subsist unless the laws of justice are (mostly) observed as a matter of convention, so that everyone knows that everyone knows how to act, and will act justly, without being forced to do so. An orderly …

Adam Smith, Inclination, and Need: A Re-interpretation of Self-Interest

Catherine Pakaluk for AdamSmithWorks By Andrea Vanni -, Public Domain, August 19, 2020

Chapter I

That whatever appears to be the proper object of gratitude, appears to deserve reward; and that, in the same manner, whatever appears to be the proper object of resentment, appears to deserve punishment … which most immediately and directly prompt to reward and to punish. To us, therefore, he must appear to deserve reward, who appears to be the proper and approved object of gratitude; and he to deserve punishment, who appears to be that of resentment.

Chapter II

Of the order in which Societies are by nature recommended to our Beneficence … to reduce the authority of the nobility; to take away the privileges of cities and provinces, and to render both the greatest individuals and the greatest orders of the state, as incapable of opposing their commands, as the weakest and most insignificant.

From Scotland to Buenos Aires: Adam Smith, Juan Hipólito Vieytes, and the Role of Self-Interest

Alvaro Perpere Viñuales for AdamSmithWorks March 10, 2021 Hispanic culture did not seem very compatible with this praise of self-interest, which at first glance sounded excessively selfish and contrary to the religious moral maxim to love thy neighbor.

TMS Reading Guide: Part VI

Of the Character of Virtue … How much do you think the actual effects of someone’s actions matter to how virtuous their actions are? How much do you think intentions matter to how virtuous someone’s actions are? Do you think that Adam Smith’s idea of virtue is a useful one? Explain.

Editor's Introduction

… tide. One wave may appear to have what credit there is in sweeping over a child’s first sand castle and another wave may evidently wipe out his second, but both would have been swamped just as effectually, and almost as soon, on a perfectly calm …

Adam Smith on Upside and Downside

Yahya Alshamy and Daniel B. Klein for AdamSmithWorks Gains are novel and require time to be incorporated into our ideas of ourself. Losses, however, effect the base upon which we have built ourselves up. Alshamy and Klein explain Smith's lasting ideas …