Juliette Sellgren on the Smith Questionnaire

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Juliette Sellgren and Christy Lynn

Sellgren joins us on the Smith Questionnaire to talk about what her impartial spectator looks like, which episodes of her podcast she thinks Adam Smith would like, and much more.  
We turn the tables on The Great Antidote host and we're the ones asking her the questions this time. But she handles it great and some of her answers may surprise you. 

Juliette Sellgren is the creator and host of The Great Antidote podcast, sponsored by Liberty Fund's AdamSmithWorks.org. She explores topics of government, economics, philosophy, and modern society. New episodes of the podcast are released on Fridays.

Sellgren mentions a few Great Antidote episodes in her questionnaire.
Ryan Hanley on the Morality of Markets
Henry Clark on the Enlightenments
Ed Glaeser on the Unseen Beauty of Cities

You can watch the full interview here.

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joseph L. Scott CPA (Ret.)

I really dig Adam Smith: too bad the politicians don't follow his thinking...