Moral Philosophy

moral philosophy

Adam Smith in the Anthropocene

Paul Crider for AdamSmithWorks

April 19, 2023

Can Adam Smith's philosophy help those who care about environmental issues develop a theory of ecoliberalism?

Paradigm Lock: Part 1

Douglas J. Den Uyl for AdamSmithWorks

February 8, 2023

"...Smith, often the reputed defender of self-interest,1 shows us how “self-interest” can be trumped by something even more powerful. That more powerful force is our obsession with symmetry, order, perfection, or fittingness. Smith first uses a watch to make this point."

On Why Mutual Sympathy is Important to Adam Smith

Edward J. Harpham for AdamSmithWorks

May 11, 2022
Nothing disturbs us more than to observe a lack of sympathy. The pleasures of mutual sympathy thus bring individuals together.

Educational Despotism

Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorks

September 1, 2021

Adam Smith and Aristotle

Charlotte Thomas for AdamSmithWorks

November 20, 2019

Adam Smith on Moral Education

Jonathan Jacobs for AdamSmithWorks

October 16, 2019

Adam Smith on Resentment

Jonathan Jacobs for AdamSmithWorks

May 15, 2019

Smith and Locke on Property

Aeon J. Skoble for AdamSmithWorks

July 31, 2019

Propriety in Smith- Part 1

Daniel B. Klein for AdamSmithWorks
January 9, 2019

Propriety in Smith- Part 2

Daniel B. Klein for AdamSmithWorks
Prang (L.) & Co. [Public domain]

January 23, 2019