Daniel B. Klein

George Mason University

Daniel B. Klein is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University where he leads the Smithian Political Economy Program and is JIN Chair at the Mercatus Center. Mr. Klein holds degrees from both George Mason University and New York University, where he studied the connection between economics and classical liberalism. Mr. Klein is the author of the Knowledge and Coordination: A Liberal Interpretation, and Smithian Morals, a work discussing the nuances in Adam Smith's form of liberalism and his views on liberty, ethics, religion, and individualism. Klein is also the co-author of Curb Rights: A Foundation for Free Enterprise in Urban Transit, has co-authored the website FDAReview.org with Dr. Alex Tabarrok and has edited and co-edited many other books such as What Do Economists Contribute?: a collection of published articles from some of the most impactful economists in world history such as F.A. Hayek and Deirdre McCloskey. Mr. Klein works closely with many research organizations as a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, Associate Fellow at Stockholm's Ratio Institute, and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. Mr. Klein is also the Chief Editor of Econ Journal Watch, and has published research on political economy and moral philosophy in journals such as Economic Inquiry, Econ Journal Watch, and the American Journal of Economics and Sociology.