Division of Labor Toolkit

division of labor adam smith for high school

Tackling the division of labor in your classroom? Let us help you start with Adam Smith. 

Exploring the original text: 

We offer guidance for building confidence and competence with original texts in your classroom. 

Reading Guides

Adam Smith Works offers reading guides that insert factual, interpretive, and evaluative questions directly into the text for exploration with your students. The first chapter of Wealth of Nations introduces the concept of the division of labor. A deeper dive may incorporate chapters 2 and 3 as well. 


Begin your class with a quick activity to set the stage for learning.

Lesson Plans

Ready-to-use lesson plans allow students to explore the concept of the division of labor through activities, discussion, and writing assignments. 

Beyond worksheets

Division of Labor, a quick review

These original articles, by Duke University political scientist Michael Munger, provide an overview of the division of labor and its importance in economics. You can also use these articles to offer opportunities for evaluative discussion or writing assignments in which students can apply what they learned through earlier readings or lessons.