Teaching through the Year: Seasonal Readings and Activities

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We're making it easy for you to find seasonally relevant ways to bring Adam Smith and his ideas into your classroom. 

Spring Semester

Black History Month: 

14th (Valentine’s Day): 

President’s Day: 

Women’s History Month: Nothing Useless, Absurd, or Fantastical: Adam Smith on Women’s Education by Sarah Skwire.  

American Tax Day: 

Mother's Day: 

Memorial Day: Do Not Take Peace for Granted by Alice Temnick

5th (Adam Smith’s Birthday!): James R. Otteson’s A Brief Biography of Adam Smith
Father's Day: Father's Day Advice from Adam Smith by Shannon Chamberlain
19th (Juneteenth): 

Fall Semester

Labor Day: Matt Bufton's Reading the Wealth of Nations: Book 2 invites reads to think about what make labor productive. Speaking of Smith post.

31st (Halloween): 

Election Day: Men of Public Spirit Activity. Use Adam Smith's discussion of men "whose public spirit is prompted altogether by humanity and benevolence" as a starting point to discuss civil government and how to approach difficult public policy problems.

Thanksgiving: Heather King's Happy Smithsgiving! Speaking of Smith post.

Giving Tuesday: The Virtue of Beneficence Activity. Use this quotation from Adam Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments to discuss whether we can be forced to be generous and kind.

Bill of Rights Day: 1776 and the American Founding AdamSmithWorks Essay Collection

25th (Christmas):