Amy Willis

Liberty Fund, Inc.

Amy Willis has served as a Senior Fellow and Director of Online Programs for Liberty Fund such as the Library of Economics and Liberty, and AdamSmithWorks since 2006. She has published many academic articles, chapters, and curriculum materials centrally themed around economics for renowned organizations such as The Journal of Private Enterprise and the Council of Economic Education. She has regularly written for Econlib, AdamSmithWorks, and the Reading Room. Willis holds a B.A. in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Vermont, an M.A. in Economic Education from the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics at the University of Delaware, and has received an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction and teaching certification in the State of Arizona with an emphases in differentiated instruction, Socratic seminars, and economic education. Willis taught classes in Economics, Civics, United States History, and Sociology in the Scottsdale Unified School District for almost a decade, served as a Program Director and Executive Director for the Arizona Council of Economic Education, and taught as a Professor at Mesa Community College. Willis is a contributor to the book, Capitalism and Commerce in Imaginative Literature: Perspectives on Business from Novels and Plays (Capitalist Thought: Studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics).