Political Economy

A Brief History of the Editions of TMS: Part 2

Erik W. Matson for AdamSmithWorks

If we confine ourselves to the editions of TMS we see Smith, in the first edition, set out largely on a project of moral anatomy. He lays out a novel account of moral judgment through sympathy. But he came gradually to blend his anatomy with painting, to fuse science with art.

December 4, 2020

A Brief History of the Editions of TMS: Part I

Erik W. Matson for AdamSmithWorks

Smith’s evolution across the six editions of TMS showcases his desire to refine his moral philosophy in an effort to extend what David Hume called “the science of man.”

November 25, 2020

Would Adam Smith Protest in a Pandemic?

Maria Pia Paganelli and Anne-Pauline De Cler for AdamSmithWorks

strong resentment and thirst for vengeance, which are approvable according to Smith because they are a reaction to the disapproved of action of police brutality, can also be viewed as nourished by the mutual sympathy that is shared within a large community.

June 24, 2020

Adam Smith and T. Robert Malthus

Ross Emmett for AdamSmithWorks

January 8, 2020

Division of Labor, Part 1

by Michael Munger for AdamSmithWorks

August 7, 2019

Self Interest Rightly Understood

by Lauren Hall for AdamSmithWorks

October 1, 2018