Renee Wilmeth

Renee Wilmeth is an Independent Publishing Consultant, Consulting Editor, and Developer with nearly three decades of experience helping hundreds of authors edit and prepare books, magazines, and other literary works for publication. Ms. Wilmeth specializes in cookbooks, food and wine, nutrition, and works on business and leadership. Wilmeth writes a frequent food history column on typically discussing Adam Smith's preferred food and drink, and regularly contributes to Wine & Whiskey Globe. Over her nearly thirty years of editing and publishing experience Ms. Wilmeth worked as a former Senior Acquisitions Editor with Penguin Publishing where she edited over 260 books, co-founded and served as the Director of Acquisitions for Literary Architects, LLC, and has been a Scholarly Society Publisher at Sigma Theta Tau International's Honor Society of Nursing. Wilmeth is also the co-owner of Wilmeth Farms, a wheat, cotton, and sorghum farming operation in the Texas Panhandle which has been in the Wilmeth family for over a century.